Pre-Registration is Open for Earth Team’s 2019-20 Paid Internship Program. Reserve your Spot Now!


Do not leave this for tomorrow!   Take 5 minutes now and fill your pre-registration application for Earth Team’s 2019-20 paid afterschool internship program.  Save your spot now for our program because we only have 100 positions open, and they get booked fast.

During the program, you will work with your team and Earth Team great coaches to gain valuable professional experience and hands-on skills in environmental restoration, improve your grades, and learn from experts in the field working in exciting projects all around the Bay Area.  You will travel with your team in our 15 passenger van and learn hands-on about the issues that affect our local environment and how you can help.

This is a work-based learning program, with most of the time spent outdoors working along with other organizations and partners in environmental projects that make a difference for your community.

Register today.  Take action to improve your professional skills while you help the environment.  Enroll in our program and you will have an experience that you will never forget!


If you have any questions, please call 844-704-4030 to speak with our team. We are here to help you in taking this important step that can change your future.


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