Youth Work Together to Create a Sorting Slogan Video!

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 3.27.28 PM.png

Student Blog 

The sorting video was a video we made in order to offer a visual aid to the audience along with our examples of waste being sorted. The video also had slogans to make sorting easier for those that watch it. While the original video covered most of what needed to be said, the aesthetic of the video needed a lot of improvement.

We split into multiple working committees and began working on different sections such as updating slogans, designing an introduction, and recording footage. We followed the original order when putting the video back together but tried to re-edit and upgrade as much as we could. This included updating the introduction to make it simpler and applicable to any school, adding a voiceover, updating the slogans so they rhyme, and changing the music. 

Some of the challenges we faced while making this video was the struggle to get the right shot. We needed to go back and reshoot some clips several times. It was also a challenge to get the trash we used in the shoot. Although we had some challenges we worked well as a team to overcome them. 

We are hoping that this video will give the Oakland Tech Community a nice refresher on what trash can go in what can. Hopefully, this video will produce lower contamination results for our next waste audit.

Check out our video on our youtube page!


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