Oakland Tech Earth Team Wraps up the Year! Over 150 hours completed!

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 2.43.15 PM.png

The year has come to an end! This year Oakland Tech Earth Team met 48 times, completing over 150 hours of education and training, including 31 class visits, 8 field visits, and 8 public events! Together, we reached over 750 community members and over 9,000 peers and faculty on campus!

The highlights of our project were..

3-Bin System Teacher Campaign – Interns spoke directly with every single Teacher on campus, spreading the word about the 3-Bin system and getting direct feedback from participants

3-Bin System Education Campaign – Interns created curriculum and even made a sorting video that they shared with over 80+ classes!

Contamination Reduction -The first audit before the 3-Bin system showed that Tech 91% of the trash that was being thrown into the landfill could have been recycled or compost. The final audit of the year showed only a 6% contamination rate in the recycling stream!

Supporting other Schools Projects – Throughout the year, Tech interns supported multiple events including the YES Conference, Litter March, Community Tree Planting, Dog Waste Clean Up Day, MLK Community Clean Up, Rumrill Earth Day event and more!

Replication Package – Interns created a short video and material package that can be shared to other schools to get a 3-Bin system started on campus!

“Earth team has allowed me to become a stronger team player and a leader. This team has put me in an environment where I worked with other intelligent individuals to create plans together. I could build off other people’s’ ideas or create my own and have my fellow interns make it stronger. It has been a collaborative group effort, this whole year. When I go to college, I am going to take my strengthened ability to collaborate and my newfound leadership skills. Earth team has made me love environmentalism more than I already had.“ – Sophia

“Though I’ve only been in Earth Team for my final year of high school, it was very meaningful and I felt it was also a positive impact on not only myself but on the Oakland Tech community as well. I’ll definitely take this engagement to and interest in environmental science and activeness into college with me because they’re topics that are often overlooked yet affect everyone.” – Raymond

“Spending time with interns from other programs was a good reminder that there are people my age who care about the same things as me. Being around so many other young people who cared about the environment truly was an inspiring experience. It was easy to tell that everyone who was there was there because they had a passion and an interest in what they were doing.” Lucy

Great job Oakland Tech interns!



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