Public Speaking Practice: Tech Interns Sit on a 3-Bin System Student Panel

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.36.38 AM

On May 16th, Oakland Tech interns went on a visit to LPS Richmond for a first ever peer to peer student panel. Students from LPS Richmond showed a lot of interest in implementing a 3-Bin system on campus, and who better to chat with than our very own student experts!

Interns sat on a panel and answered numerous questions about the challenges of putting in a 3-Bin system, tips and tricks, and a whole lot else! Interns discussed how custodians are one of the most influential partners to make, and how setting goals and choosing a team can be a pivotal point for progress and success of the project.

Oakland Tech interns expressed a deep sense of purpose after leaving the panel. The team reflected that although they were nervous, they were confident that they had all the answers. It was a great experience for our schools to share knowledge and grow!

Good luck LPS Richmond with your student initiated 3-Bin system! 



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