LEAF Slide Ranch Camping Trip: An Intern’s Personal Reflection


Student Blog 

My favorite part of the trip was seeing how much work other interns had put in and seeing how far we had all come as a group. Even though each school had different goals and missions, I could tell we had all worked just as hard at achieving these. Spending time with interns from other programs was a good reminder that there are people my age who care about the same things as me. Being around so many other young people who cared about the environment truly was an inspiring experience. It was easy to tell that everyone who was there was there because they had a passion and an interest in what they were doing.


Over the course of the trip, I learned that it’s possible to live sustainably off the land – even in 2018. The individuals who worked at Slide Ranch proved to me that it’s possible to lead a very fulfilling life while also living in a way that is sustainable. Sustainable agriculture seems like a way to exist that does the least harm to the world around us.

I think these trips contribute to the Earth Team program by showing us what it’s like to be in nature. Even though it sounds simple, a lot of us live in the city and rarely are able to be in nature for more than a couple hours at a time. For me personally, these trips are an opportunity to de stress and detox from my otherwise hectic high school life. I really appreciate moments like that, where I can be in nature around people who care about nature.

Written By: Lucy, OT Intern 




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