CoCo’s Civic Engagement Project with Earth Team

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Student Blog | Written By – CoCo, OT Intern 

For my civic engagement project in history I decided to do Earth team, specifically the education campaign. On May 17th, I presented for my government class the work I had done with Earth team and how I educated students on sorting. I ended up getting an A on my presentation and my teacher said she’d give me an extra credit opportunity. The extra credit opportunity was to come after school and present to other government teachers about my civic engagement project. I came to the classroom and there were about twenty five teachers. I did a quick run through of the education campaign and its effectiveness as well as challenges. After, my teacher asked why I thought waste reduction was a good civic engagement project. I told her that unlike volunteering somewhere for just a few hours, the three bin system is institutionalized at Tech. We are making Tech a more sustainable school for the years to come. I have been fortunate to see the transformation of Tech from a school with no 3 bin system, to one with a 3 bin system and students educated on sorting. The teachers were very attentive and impressed with my presentation. I am very glad I had the opportunity to tell a crowd what Earth Team has been passionately working on.

Written By – CoCo, OT Intern 



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