Audit Data Shows Contamination Rates Lowest to Date!

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To close off the year, interns conducted their final audit of the program. Interns knew exactly what they were doing, and even better, why they were doing it. After a year of hard work, the team wanted to see data that could serve as proof that their efforts with worth it, and lucky for them, they got the data they wanted to see!

Pre 3-Bin System, audit data showed a 91% contamination in the landfill stream for Tech trash. For the first time since the 3-Bin system started, the recycling contamination showed a rate below 10%, totaling at a small 6% contamination in the school wide recycling stream. The compost steam totaled in at 20% contamination, although over half the bags had little to no contamination. All in all, students were ecstatic to see the tangible results of all of their hard work.

Student Blog | Written By – Lucy, OT Intern

Conducting our final audit showed me how far we’ve come since I joined Earth Team in 2016. We’ve gone from almost all our waste being put carelessly into the landfill to having the majority sorted using the 3 bin system. During our first audit this year, other interns seemed confused about the purpose of the audit and didn’t really seem to care much for it. However after our last audit, I could tell that even if it wasn’t a super fun experience, every intern was passionate about the audit. As a group, I can tell that we’ve grown more committed and passionate about our goals.

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Through this process, I think I’ve gained the ability to work hard at something to see results. Audits have given us the data we need to put the 3 bin system in at Tech, and they prove that our work has improved our school for the better. Seeing the final contamination rates made me feel proud of what we’ve accomplished these last two years. Although there’s still work to do, our internship has helped make a long lasting change in our school community. Before the 3 bin system, I doubt most people at our school had any regard for where there trash ended up. Now, even if they aren’t using the system correctly every single time, they are more aware of how they can help their community.

Written By – Lucy, OT Intern

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