A Lasting Impact: Spreading Litter Awareness through Street Art

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.01.06 AM.png

For the final weekend event of the year, Oakland Tech interns joined alongside other Oakland students and community members for the first ever Paint the Town mural event, in partnership with the City of Oakland Transportation Department.

All individuals worked as a team to complete a student designed litter inspired street mural that will spread awareness about litter issues for years to come! Hear what a few of our interns had to say about their experiences.

Student Blog 

The work that I did on the mural made me feel like I was apart of something larger than just me. Working like a team to show to people what we do made me feel great, we made a difference. The event was fun to work with my friends and make something beautiful. Completing the mural made me feel like I accomplished something and it made me feel like there are others trying to change the world on step at a time. Personally my favorite part was getting the group photo after, like we did this as a team. The mural itself shows the people around it that there are others trying to make the place they live in cleaner and safer for their families. This was a tremendously fun event and it made me feel like that I could do something bigger around the world.

Written By: Petteri, OT Intern 

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.01.18 AM

Working on the mural alongside everyone was a wonderful experience. It started off pretty slow as people were starting to get assigned a portion of the piece to work on and then suddenly the white street was full of color. I felt accomplished and closer with the people around me. It was hot and we were all making mistakes and we’d correct each mistake with the paint we had on hand. I saw people blending the colors; others were adding on a few minor details. The entire process of just having fun and creating something with other people was a memorable experience. It a fun way to raise awareness and will definitely catch the attention of those passing by. To those aware of who contributed to the making and painting of the mural, they will know that there are people who strive to make a change in the world and that we aren’t limited to presentations and beach clean ups. These people are comprised of people with different talents and perspectives and capabilities and shows that we can contribute in so many different ways.

Written By: Angela, OT Intern 



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