A Intern’s Reflection on Educating the Younger Generation on Sorting

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Student Blog: 

Let me start off by saying that I was initially terrified to present to the group of fifth graders at Emerson. It is crazy to think that even when I am a senior in high school, presenting to fifth graders would frighten me. However, I realized that I was terrified because I wanted to do my job right. I wanted to show these young kids about the importance, throwing away their waste in the right bin, has a huge impact.

When we arrived in the classroom, the students were a little rumbustious but I mean so is every fifth grader. We were each assigned a group of students. I was with Lucy and we had the table in the corner. Once the game was explained, it did not take long for all the students to get into it. There was no organizing how we played the game, all the guys in my group just started to play. It was nice to see how engaged and excited they were to play the game. They were all huddled around the three paper waste bins and assigning the different kinds of trash to each one. They were able to pick up the information so quick and it did not take them long to figure out the right place for each piece of waste. I am slightly biased but I really liked the kids in my group. They had such a strong interest in learning which was great to see.

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Having the fifth graders conduct the audit was fun to see. Many of them did not like going through the trash which is the same for most of the interns in Earth team. Our disgust regarding trash does not change from when we are elementary age to when we are older. There were a few students who wanted to chase each other with trash. In those instances, we had to tell them that it was not okay to chase each other with trash. We went further to say that they did not know what kind of germs were on them. During the audit, my group had to take some time to settle the student group down. However, we knew before that younger kids are easily distracted so we were prepared for their behavior.

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My favorite part of the whole visit was just getting to know the little fifth graders. They love talking to you about the books they are reading and the activities they like. It is really fun to just see how much energy they have and how much they enjoy learning and playing around. I think we spent a good amount of time with them and I think they got the lesson rather quickly. It is nice to teach younger children because they seem to care more and appreciate our efforts more than high school students. It was a nice change being with and educating the young kids.

Written By: Sophia, OT Intern

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