Finding a Sense of Purpose: Key Phrases from Tech’s 3-Bin System Education Campaign


Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.40.27 AM.png

Interns reflected on their education experience and came up with a few key phrases that encompass the day. Check out what our interns had to say!


  • Environmental education is the key to a healthier future.


This phrase encompasses our desire to educate our peers so that they can successfully sort and use the 3 bin system. Since Earth Team will not always be present, our school and community must be educated in order to continue on to the pathway to a sustainable future.


  • We were able to overcome our challenges through teamwork and perseverance.


This phrase shows our struggles with support from the faculty of our school during the education campaign. Despite these challenges, Earth team was able to overcome them by listening to their concerns and avidly communicating.


  • We have built the foundation to a more sustainable community, now the future is in your hands.


This phrase puts the responsibility on our younger peers because Earth team will not be there to support them always. They need to learn how to create a resilient community on their own with the guidance we have provided thus far. 

Written Collaboratively By: OT Interns Ruby, Sophia and Lucy


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