Engaging with Relevant Issues: A Viewer’s Perspective on the Litter March

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On March 17, Oakland Tech interns marched alongside 90+ of fellow interns and community members in a clean up walk to raise awareness about the litter issues in Oakland. Interns reflected on their experiences thinking about what an outsider might have thought about the day, and how marches are an effective way of making the public think about environmental topics. Check out what they had to say!

STUDENT BLOG: A Viewer’s Perspective 

Journal Entry: March, 17, 2018

It was Saturday morning, and I was driving for Uber. I was driving by the Oakland Coliseum Bart to drop off my passenger, when I noticed a large group of people in bright neon clothing walking down the streets picking up trash. Was it Earth Day? I checked my calendar, and no, it wasn’t. While I was waiting for the light to turn green, I noticed some of them holding up signs. Were they protesting? What were they doing? Who were they? Right when I rolled my window down, about to ask them who they were, they started to chant, “Who are we? Earth Team!”. I still wasn’t sure what was happening, but I was quite impressed by the amount of young activists spending their Saturday morning picking up litter and marching.

Dear Diary, 

I woke up to the sound of my dog barking at the break of dawn today. It was hard for me to fall back asleep after that, so I decided to wake up. I fed my dog, made coffee, and sat by the patio reading a book. Later that day, I took my dog for a walk, and bumped into a bunch of people wearing bright yellow clothing. I stood there confused, wondering what they were up to. I assumed they were working for the community, seeing that they were picking up litter. They were constantly chanting, and that got a lot of attention for people. It sounded like they were trying to spread awareness in litter issues. Some of them were holding up signs, that read environmental sayings like, “Don’t be trashy, be classy”. That made me laugh. I was a bit shocked seeing so many people spend their Saturday morning, picking up my neighborhood’s trash. It made me realize there are still people in this world who cares about the environment.

Written Collaboratively By: Interns Suzanne and Ryoji


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