Educating the Younger Generation: Intern’s Play by Play of their Audit with 5th Graders

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To celebrate Earth Week, interns took a walking field trip to their local elementary school, Emerson Elementary. Interns partnered with two 5th grade classes to educate students on how to sort and conduct a practice audit on their school’s waste. Working with 5th graders was a lot different than working with high schoolers, but it was great practice for interns to think about how they need to adapt their presentations to fit their audience. Check out the humorous play by play of the day written by our 3-Bin System Educators!

STUDENT BLOG: Play by Play of the Emerson Audit 

Intern: “Hi Kids, we’re here to teach you all how to sort between the landfill, recycling and compost.”

Student: “Y’all are a lot smaller than I thought you’d be!”

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Narrator: One of the interns did the simplified presentation on recycling, compost and landfill. Educating the students on why each bin is important to use correctly.

Intern: “So compost, it helps plants go, and it is really good for the environment.. Landfill, not so good.”

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Narrator: The interns sorted the kids into groups for their interactive hands-on sorting game. Then interns explained the game to the students and got them excited to start!

Intern: “Don’t forget about the slogans! That’s going to help you know where your trash goes.”

Narrator: Students worked with their intern coaches to sort through the items, many students said funny comments along the way.

Student: “Why would you ever throw away an entire pizza?! I would eat that!!”

Intern: “You are all super good at sorting, better than most the high school students that we educated a few weeks ago!”

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Narrator: Interns led their student groups outside to the courtyard. Their were two tarps and certain students were designated as data collectors. After audit instructions, students opened up the first bag and started sorting.

Intern: “Stop blowing up the gloves! Time to come back to the tarp and sort!”

After weighing each bin as a team, everyone gather in the hexagon and the students showed their appreciation to their intern coaches by yelling a chant

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 12.36.15 PM


Student: “I am so happy they took the time out of their day to teach us how to sort. This was fun!”

Intern: “They were wild, but that was a lot of fun and I think they had a good time!”

Written Collaboratively By: Interns CoCo, Tyea, Jose and Jerry



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