Communicating Results: A Repeater’s Perspective on Tech’s 3-Bin Education Campaign

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On March 13 and 15th, Oakland Tech interns engaged over 2,850 of their peers in a hands-on interactive lesson plan to teach how to sort into a 3-Bin system. This education campaign was the biggest one yet. Hear from CoCo, a repeating intern, on how her experiences have helped guide future campaigns and improved her ability to communicate 3-Bin system results.

Student Blog: CoCo, Repeating OT Intern

I felt that this education round was extremely effective. I was in the group that created the slideshow used to explain the importance of sorting and how to do it. With the information gathered from our waste audits, we were able to figure out what information to stress. For example, in our last education campaign we stressed that food goes into the compost. When we did our waste audit after the campaign, we found tons of carrots in plastic wrappers in the compost. What we learned from that was that we needed to change our education to include that you must take the food out of the plastic and put it in the compost. Also, if you don’t want to separate the plastic from the food, then that goes into the landfill because plastic can never go into compost.

We also shifted our education to include slogans to help students understand what goes into each bin. These slogans have been extremely effective in helping people sort because they are much easier than remembering a bunch of different items.

The slogans go..

The day of presentations, I was very excited. I love educating people and I felt that our presentations were very understandable and interactive. I did mostly solo presentations and sometimes two presentations in one class period. I was running around a lot but all my presentations ran smoothly.

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Earth team has improved my public speaking skills tremendously. I was able to keep my classes engaged and interested in the material. Being a repeating intern gives me more of a leg up on how to manage classes that are rowdy or don’t pay attention. I found that you have to come from a place of excitement and try and match their energy.

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I was surprised when I went in to present and a student yelled out that they had already gotten this presentation in their other classes. Instead of responding to this somewhat obnoxious statement with an annoyed answer, I took this as an opportunity to challenge this students understanding of the material. I told the kids that would say that, “ Great! That means you should be an excellent sorter. I’m going to give you the harder pieces to sort when we play the game.” This changed their comment from a negative one to a positive, and made them more excited to show their skills. I had the same approach to classes that had loud, outspoken students. I would joke around with them and make them be really active participants in the activity. I found that figuring out a way to incorporate their energy into the presentation was much more effective than tamping down on them. I was very happy because after each presentation I felt that I had really reached the students and they understood sorting!

Written By: Coco, Repeating OT Intern


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