YES Conference: Intern’s Reflection

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On Feb 24th, Oakland Tech Earth Team interns joined Kennedy High, Richmond R&D, San Lorenzo High, and Oakland R&D teams in the Annual YES Conference (Youth for the Environment and Sustainability). Interns participated in a variety of activities and attended workshops all ran by students. It was a great day, and hear is what our interns had to sat about it!

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“I mostly enjoyed two events: the first event where they gave free stuff away and the student empowerment presentation. The first was fun because not only did I learn about internships but I also got free stuff like jerky. I liked the student empowerment presentation because it really nice to see students from different schools and counties doing the same things that we are working on. The fact that the students are passionate about what they are implementing made me feel proud of being part of a movement that is taking place all over the state. Who can forget the culinary class tour!!! They had good chocolate and talked about the power that we as consumers have on the lives and working conditions of those who work to make our products. Although we cannot directly change their working conditions, we can indirectly bring upon change by supporting companies that participate in fair-trade.” -Jose, OT Intern

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“My favorite part of the YES conference was the environment bc it was filled e all these super cool people and we all had common interests so it was really nice so be around a big group of people like that. i also really like the poetry reading.” – Asha, OT Intern

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“The closing ceremony was my favorite because I like the speakers. And again, the speakers talked about really important stuff, which really made me think.” – Kamilah, OT Intern

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“Favorite part of the day was seeing all the other kids my age who are passionate about our planet” – Ryoji, OT Intern

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“I enjoyed learning about how we’re all doomed to flood and burn in about 50-100 years. I thought that was interesting to learn about and also cool to know what we’re doing about it” – Ruby, OT Intern

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“One of my favorite things about today’s event was hearing what people had to say during the introduction, and the closing scene. It really amazes me what people do, and at such a young age too! Going to these types of events always inspires me.” – Suzanne, OT Intern

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