What Being an Environmental Leader Means to Me

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Environmental Leadership to me means taking action to protect the environment in which we live in.  Every morning on my way to school, I can see the same pile of trash on the sidewalk. One day I got tired of no one picking it up that I got a trash bag and a broom and I did. I think that in order to be a leader you don’t necessarily have to make big changes, just helping out is enough. Knowing something is wrong and trying to fix it is what being a leader is all about. It’s about taking initiative and not waiting for someone else to do it; taking things into your own hands. It’s being able to acknowledge the world is flawed, not ignoring those flaws and working on trying to fix them. An example of a leader is a man I see everyday on my way to school at around 7:30 a.m. He lives a few blocks away from my house and I can see him sweeping the sidewalk in front of his house everyday. He never forgets; he’s always out there no matter the time or weather. There’s a lady that walks around on weekends and picks up cans or bottles she sees on the floor. This is commitment, it’s doing this everyday knowing that you don’t have to but you want to.


Each person lives in environments that vary but most of them aren’t perfect. The way to change this is by being a leader. Those people who wake up early to clean up their environment are those leaders. Cleaning up one piece of trash is more than others do and it does help. Being an environmental leader means helping your community and environment even when you think nobody is looking. It’s doing it out of the goodness in your heart and your desire for change in this world.

Being a leader is also advocating and educating others. Leaders are the teachers who tell their students not to liter or to sort their trash. They are the gardening club at your school, promoting better foods for our community and environment. They are the scientist working to make our water cleaner and our environment sustainable. They are the people using reusable grocery bags. The people who have their recycling and compost bins full and their landfill empty. I believe there are so many environmental leaders among us, they are all different but similar in the sense that all of them care about their world and environment. We are all capable of being environmental leaders.

Written By: Daisy, OT Intern



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