Tech Interns Join Skyline Team for a Pet Waste Education Day!

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On February 10th, Skyline and Oakland Tech interns partnered up with one another to do a litter clean up. While most were out scrounging for trash, a few Skyline interns had displayed bins, asking local dog owners questions about Dimond Park and their knowledge on water quality. Throughout the year, Skyline have been constructing water testings around Dimond Park, concluding whether or not the water quality is clean or contaminated. With prior knowledge, they were able to educate and have fun with local dog owners with a game of toss the ball questionnaire, while others also went around taking surveys. With most of the Skyline interns occupied with their project, Oakland Tech interns did have the chance to pair up with some Skyline interns to do litter pick ups. Within the time range of less than 2 hours, interns have collected over 500 pieces of trash! And of course, all items were tracked with our app, the Marine Debris Tracker. It is extremely shocking how much trash can be found in one specific location. Although the park has multiple trash cans around, large pieces of trash were still found lying around. There are no words to what we are able to accomplish with just a small group of determined people, no matter where or how long we do it. 

Written by: Suzanne, OT Intern


I’ve visited Dimond Park several times before I began doing community service in and around it because the park has been one of my favorite parks in Oakland. The peaceful atmosphere, friendly children and dog-walkers, and the green scenery really wakes up the spirit when you take a calm stroll through the park. Unsurprisingly, during this clean-up, my Earth Team peers and I did not have to do much work because the park itself was already so well-maintained. Then, working with the same kind of young and interested people in another high school’s Earth Team was a bonus during the clean-up. It was reassuring to know that there are other high school students just like myself who are spending their own time in something meaningful and beautiful.

Written By: Raymond, OT Intern 

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Before participating in the Diamond Park Clean up, I had only been to Diamond park one other time. I never got to see it fully but when I came for the Clean up I got to see how beautiful the park is. The most fun I had was when we did the ice breaker where we would have to make eye contact with someone and run to the other side. It was really fun and it got be really excited for the day. I also liked getting to know more people from the Skyline Earth Team and from Alameda. It is always nice seeing more young people, like me, who are helping the planet in different ways. It was nice being outdoors and understanding the impact of dog waste on the watersheds. I did not realize how big of an impact it was on the area surrounding and in the creek. It felt good to be apart of a new project, something that was unfamiliar. We got to step back for a change and let the Skyline group take the lead. It was nice to just do something good for the park by picking up litter and getting to know a new group of people. 

Written By: Sophia, OT Intern 

Thanks for reading!



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