A Repeater’s Perspective: Preparing for Another Education Campaign

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 Last year as an intern, we focused on educating the student body on the 3 bin system so that they would learn how to correctly sort waste. This year, we continued this education mission through many hours of work. My group created an educational presentation, while other groups came up with surveys and games. We also created an informational video to send out to teachers who would like to educate students without an in class presentation.

 As a repeating intern, I feel I have a better understanding of what students need to learn and what they already know. Going through the process once before has given me more knowledge of how to be a leader within the internship and how to help my fellow interns. I also feel like being a repeating intern gives me more knowledge on the 3 bin system itself, so I am much more prepared to answer any questions students or teachers may have.

As a team this year, we have definitely improved our communication and teamwork skills. I feel like we’ve grown closer as a team at Tech, and that everyone in Earth team across every school has a mutual respect for each other. This mutual respect is something I personally have witnessed and feel has really improved compared to last year. Although interns still tend to stick with their own school, I’ve seen more and more interns this year get engaged with other interns from different schools. By sharing our ideas and being more open to communication, we can all help each other accomplish our individual goals.

For upcoming presentations, I think having respect and creating a safe place for ideas can help us present as well as possible. We need to continue to be open to people’s perspectives (including teachers, custodians, and students) in order to effectively play our role in bettering the school. I hope that as we finish this year of Earth team, we continue to help improve and bring together our community. I’m looking forward to seeing the effects of all the change we’ve helped make.

*Student Blog*

Written by: Lucy, OT Repeating Intern



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