A Change in Procedure – Students Discuss with Custodial Staff

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 2.39.08 PM.png

Interns have been working hard trying to figure out a way to institutionalize the 3-Bin system at Tech. An idea was brought up to change Teacher Protocol by purchasing 3-Bin system dolly’s that would remove the need for anyone to dump the bins in the brute stations at the end of the day. Instead, Custodians would have the resources they need to pick up all the trash cans and wheel them around in the correct bins.

Before moving forward, interns hosted a discussion meeting with their Custodial teammates. Interns were happy to hear that the Custodial staff was in support of this new idea, expressing that they think the whole system would work better if they were in control.

From there, the first 3-Bin system dolly was ordered! Custodial staff will share it amongst there team so everyone can get a chance to pilot it before committing to an entirely new procedure. We are making progress!


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