Waste Management Career Day At Tech!











To end January, Oakland Tech interns joined with the AP Environmental Science Classes for a Waste Management Career day on-campus Field Trip. Interns learned about the history of Waste Management, how it operates, the many job positions and sectors throughout the organization, and opportunities for them to get involved!

Here is what our interns had to say about the day!

What did you learn today that brought you satisfaction? 

“I learned that Oakland really cares about its pollution and waste to the extent that Waste Management has clean trucks” – Ryoji

“Learning about advances we have made in technology and awareness of this issue” – Angela

“I am excited to learn that I could be an educational person on the Waste Management team” – CoCo

“Knowing that Waste Management gives opportunities for the future for its employees gave me satisfaction. It’s good to know that the jobs there aren’t just dead-ends but they have a future” – Yan Yan

“The speakers were effective and lively” – Raymond

“Learning that other people are also focused on helping the Earth and the 3-Bin system was the most satisfactory because knowing  we aren’t the only people concerned about this and that there is a whole corporation focused on it is great” – Daisy

What info would you share with a friends and family? 

“I would share the knowledge that there are individuals all around our community that are helping us.” -Lucy

“I would tell a friend about the internships and how it will benefit us in the long run to be a part of such a big organization” – Suzanne

“I would tell them how you can come from many things from computers to accounting and still be successful in Waste Management.” – Kamilah

“I would tell a friend how much a truck cost (300k). In addition, I would share how much energy is being created from our trash” – Jose

How has today’s presentations influenced your perspective on jobs in waste related fields? 

“I would be included to go into a Waste Management field or job after watching these presentations” – Ruby

“I did not know that waste related fields had so many opportunities for possible careers. I was interested in the consulting job. ” – Sophia

“It gave me insight on how it works on the inside. I always thought is was just people picking up trash but its actually thousands of jobs” – Petteri

“I never knew people who worked for Waste Management were so inspiring, they actually love their job. My entire perspective on the waste industry has changed” – Suzanne

“Jobs are really diverse / varied and you can work your way up” – Jade

How can we use the information we learned today to help benefit our project at Tech? 

“Basically everyone knows about global warming but they don’t know specifically how they contribute to it. Maybe we should teach more about the importance of composting.”

“We can use this information to further motivate people to join the movement and show all the progress to encourage people further” – Jarry

“If Waste Management can be successful with all of Alameda County’s trash than we can do it at Tech” – CoCo

“We can have reference and use methods from what they said and try to use it for what we do” – Asha

“It gave us more connections to people who can help us promote our project” – Ro’e

Thank you to Waste Management, OUSD, and Tech for make this event happen! 




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