An Intern’s Final Meeting Thoughts!

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Student Blog, Written By: Daisy, Oakland Tech Intern

I felt great to complete an entire semester of Earth Team. I thought that time passed by quickly and when I had the interview, the questions made me realize how I had started this internship months ago, how much I’d learned and how quickly time had passed by.

One of my favorite experiences was when we went to Diamond Park and helped around with gardening. I liked it because we were able to be outside near nature and we were doing something together as a team. This outing allowed me to get to know the other interns since we went right after the internship had started and I didn’t know anybody yet. Another one of my favorite experiences was the Brower Awards. I enjoyed going to this event because of all that I had gained from this night. Seeing all those people was truly inspiring and not the kind of inspiration I feel when I watch superhero movies on television. The stories they were telling were real, they had no scripts and they weren’t reading lines when they made the videos that were showed. Usually everything is on television and it was great to hear what youth has done first hand, hearing their voices not a recording of the speeches they gave through a screen. A lot of people probably saw the videos they made but having them stand in front of you was a different experience I was happy to live. I couldn’t believe everything they had done at such a young age and how they were only standing a few feet away.  In addition to all the achievements displayed in this night, there were also a lot of presentations given before the awards ceremony started. Through the presentations people gave, I learned about issues I didn’t even know existed and I now have stickers on my water bottle reminding me of them everyday.

It felt good to have a One on One interview. It was nice to know that my thoughts mattered and that I was really being heard. I liked how there was actually time being taken into the schedule for me to talk about my feelings and thoughts on what we have been doing. The questions contributed to how good I felt because they were directed towards me individually. They weren’t broad so they made me really think about specific experiences I had. The environment of the interview also helped me feel calm and relaxed. For me, normally interviews are formal and I get nervous. I usually forget everything and when I’m asked a question, my mind is blank and I can’t think of anything. For this interview being outside and close to everyone made me feel like it was just a talk and there was no reason for me to feel nervous. Instead of my mind going blank, it was full of all the memories and things we had done in this past semester. All I had to do was pick the best experiences I had.

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I really enjoyed the meeting at Diamond Park. It was fun being outside and playing games with the other interns. I learned a new game called Spike Ball and the best part was how we talked more than we played. It was also a nice change to being outside since I’m normally in a room the majority of the day in school. Besides the place and games I also really liked the cheese and crackers we ate.


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Daisy, Oakland Tech Intern

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