Thinking ahead, Oakland Tech Teams discuss next steps!

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Time moves fast when you are working hard! Before saying our goodbyes Oakland Tech Earth Team interns reflected on the year and discussed some next steps for continued progress on the 3-Bin System. Here is what a few had to say!

What progress have we made thus far? 

  • “Getting teachers to bring the bins during school to get down the contamination rate” – Petteri
  • “Continued to educate students and teachers and do waste audits to see how well the system is working” -CoCo
  • “We’ve created a new educational video based on the mistakes from last year. We have new insight on common misconceptions made by students and slogans that work.” -Kamilah
  • “We have talked to teachers to make encourage them and make sure they are following the 3-bin system. We were able to reduce the landfill contamination by a lot which means kids are actually trying to sort.” – Daisy
  • “We have worked together with teachers to correctly dispose of the trash. We audited the trash to measure the contamination of the waste at Tech.” – Jose

What additional work is needed for continued progress? 

  • “I feel that in order to continue our progress, we need to continue to provide education for both students and staff. We can do this through presentations, pamphlets, or the video that we have created. I also feel that we should continue to talk with all of the staff at the school (teachers, custodians, admin) to make sure every individual is doing their part.” -Lucy
  • “Now that we’ve collected our data, we need to figure out what to do with it, including which classes we need to educate.” -Ryoji
  • “I think we need to go into classrooms and educate students further because sorting into the 3 bin system can be confusing.” -Sophia
  • “I think we need to keep educating kids on how to sort because I think they are trying but they don’t know how to. We can show them the video we were working on or give a survey to teachers and ask students to take so we know if they know how to sort.” – Daisy
  • “The work we need to do next is really communicating with the janitors about confusion on disposing of the bins” – Tyea

What resources or skills are needed to complete that work? 

  • “In order to accomplish the work, we will need to have public speaking skills when talking to students and professional speaking skills when talking to teachers.” – Lucy
  • “We need to have more teachers and administrators working with us” – Ro’e
  • “We need assistance from the teachers and cooperation from students.” – Ruby
  • “We need time to plan our presentations. We need to do more meetings where we focus on what would be the best plan of action.” -Sophia
  • “We need patience and communication” – Tyea
  • “Time and a survey to see what concept we need to focus on” – Jose
  • “Our video is now completed, and would be perfect if we were able to have it shown in classes, and with teachers who want further education, we are able to take some of our class time out and come into classrooms.” – Suzanne

“Maybe on days like earth day we can have an assembly or a lunch time activity we can do in the front of the school to get student more involved and get hands on experience with how to use the system correctly if they don’t already” – Angela


We are proud to have made it this far, but we know there is a lot that lays ahead. Our team is looking forward to working together, with all of our different strengths, to continue to make Oakland Tech a leader in on campus sustainability!


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