Joining as an Oakland Tech Earth Team Volunteer!

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*Student Blog* Written By: Jarry, Tech Volunteer Intern

I decided to join Earth Team to expose myself to different ways I could locally help my community. I believe that modern society takes what we have in abundance, for granted, such as the water and air around us. Knowing that these natural resources can and are being degraded, I wanted to contribute in my community in doing our part in living sustainably. Joining Earth Team late, I had no prior knowledge of what to expect that the meetings are generally about two hours. I expected the meetings to be boring, but after joining I can say that the community of Earth Team members made the meetings and my overall experience to be fun and memorable.

I didn’t know that Earth Team has been happening at my school for over year, and I was disappointed that I had not joined earlier, but I am glad that I was able to join in the end. Continuing my time with Earth Team, I am looking forward to gaining community service hours through meaningful work that would be helping my community locally to live sustainable and to learn more things I can do personally to help save the environment!

Thanks for reading! 


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