Gaining skills as an Earth Team Intern.

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The 3-Bin system project is important to our program, but youth development is even bigger! Check out what our interns have learned so far throughout their first semester!

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“I have learned how to be able to talk to people about an issue I care about and try to make them care” – Yan Yan 

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“I feel like I have gained the ability to fight for the beliefs & goals that I have. I have gained the confidence to talk in front of students and with staff. Also, I think I have gained more knowledge about what it takes to accomplish any goals – not just environmental.” – Lucy 

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“I have learned how to be diplomatic with people who have different goals than me, and I have learned how much of an impact an individual can make I’m a community” -Ro’e

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“I feel like my presentation skills have improved a lot. I also feel more comfortable sharing my ideas with other people regardless of whether I think its good or not.” -Angela 

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“Being a part of Earth Team has helped me become more confident in sorting trash, and helping others sort correctly as well. I was able to connect to other students and build new relationships with other people. Earth Team influences me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.” – Suzanne 

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“I think that I learn how to work together with a team that have different opinions from me” – Jose 

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“I learned how to communicate with people who are older and have more power” – Tyea

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“I feel like I have gained leadership skills because I talked to one of the custodians about this and I felt like I was able to be more confident in the system when I talked to him and it made me feel like a leader and a representative of the system.” – Daisy 

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“I feel like I have become more confident with my knowledge of the environment. I feel like I have improved my teamwork and collaborative skills.” -Sophia 

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“I’ve learned how to separate everything and how to teach others how they can too. it’s made me more positive because I like being able to help” -Asha

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“I have gained more confidence in the program, and learned problem solving skills and the importance of teamwork.” – Jade 

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“I feel as if I’ve gained a better understanding of trash systems, and leadership skills.” – Ruby

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“I have become better at analyzing data and how to think about how an audience is thinking.” -Kamilah

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“I have learned how to talk to adults that may be difficult” -CoCo 

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“I have learned how to talk to people about issues that they might not want to talk about” -Ryoji 

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“I have learned more leadership and communication skills” – Raymond 




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