Oakland Tech Interns conduct their Teacher Outreach Campaign!

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 4.58.51 PM.png

Over the course of couple weeks in November, Earth Team interns spent time before, after class time to meet with over 110+ staff and faculty one on one about the 3-Bin System and Teachers important roles and responsibilities.

A lot of prep went into these meetings, and interns were a bit nervous to deliver such important information to their own authoritative figures, especially one on one. Interns spent the following meeting reflecting on the experience, how successful it was, how it challenged them, and what still needs to be done.

Overall, interns were challenged by the pressure of talking to adults and the feeling like some teachers did not give them their full focus or respect when having conversations. After diving a bit deeper, the team discussed that this feeling mostly came from those that had to talk to teachers they didn’t know or have never had before. Although most conversations went very well, some Teachers stood out over the others in their lack of support or interest in hearing interns talk about this important project.

Each intern was in charge of about 8-10 Teachers, so of course, through trial and error students were able to improve and create new strategies to approach the conversations. Some students gave up the script so that they could speak from the heart, others changed some of the word choices, and others tried hard to give lots of suggestions to help Teachers understand that we are here to support them.

Interns were asked what surprised them about the meetings. A lot of interns expressed that they were taken back about how many Teachers were in support, and friendly to them during the one on ones. Others expressed that they weren’t expecting the conversations to be so short, but Teachers really didn’t give much time to talk.

“We were surprised by the enthusiasm and agreeability from the teachers, along with the limited time frame that the meetings took up.” OT Intern 

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 5.02.35 PM.png
Pledge of Commitment created by Oakland Tech Interns. Teachers signed commitment and were encouraged to hang it up in their classroom to show their support.

Overall, interns thought that the one on ones were effective, and almost all Teachers willingly signed the “Pledge of Commitment” to start dumping bins at the end of the school day. The team definitely recognizes that there is more work to done, and some Teachers are going to take a lot more conversations before they are in support of this important project.

Keep going strong Oakland Tech Earth Team!



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