Interns learn the do’s and don’ts of the 3-Bin System!

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For Tech’s second meeting the team was trained on how to sort into the 3-Bin system in preparation for the upcoming Upper Campus Contamination Audit. The group worked together on an interactive activity then tested themselves later in the meeting.

In addition to the 3-Bin sorting, interns were also trained on the Marine Debris Tracker app. Interns conducted a on-campus litter assessment, to which they later sorted through. A total of 429 items were collected in a short 30 minutes. Interns did a fantastic job sorting through the trash at the end!

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*Student Blog* 

In Elementary School, there were many assemblies teaching us how to sort the things we throw away into the 3-Bin System. Although, it didn’t compare to the training that was conducted at the Earth Team meeting, which could be a result of being in a smaller group. Nevertheless, during the activity, I was scolding myself at how uneducated I was in the 3-Bin System, and started thinking about how we could successfully teach younger children (which we will be doing later on in the year). Furthermore, it made me realize that if I, and everybody else, had proper education on such a simple, but frequent thing we do everyday, we wouldn’t have many problems of bin contamination in our high school. Solving the problem at the root.

But that brings up another problem: how can we manage to educate and improve sorting in younger kids, while still educating our own generation? How are we to keep the world healthy before the younger generation, who is theoretically going to be more educated than us, gets the chance to do so? One of the simplest, but not most appealing solutions is just for us to work really hard. In this solution, there are many things that need to be situated. Such as: What is a simple way to educate schools but is rememberable? Last year’s Earth Team had an idea, which is to create easy-to-remember slogans that everyone can use when they need to throw something away. 

All in all, these past few meetings are mind-opening, and teach so much. With a goal to teach our community and make the world healthier, Earth Team will accomplish great things this year.

Written by: Kamilah, OTH Intern 

Thanks for reading! Check out our next blog as interns putting their new sorting knowledge to the test with their first Contamination Audit of the new year!



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