Interns table at Tech’s Multi-Cultural Event!

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On Thursday, May 25, Oakland Tech had a Multi-Cultural event where different clubs and groups could set up tables and sell things or get other students interested in their clubs.  Earth Team decided to set up a table to talk to other students and see if they were interested in learning more about us or becoming an intern themselves next year. IN addition, we gave away some of our Clif bars, water bottles, and did some Earth Inspired face painting.

Many people would walk up to our table and after we greeted them and tried to start up conversations they would just turn and walk away, after seeing we didn’t have food that interested them.  Although, to my surprise lots of students were actually interested in what we do and ended up signing up for more information about the internship next school year.  A lot of students enjoyed the face painting, we decided to not charge for it but instead use it as a way to have fun and interact more with the students. Some of the paintings were a fish, a whale, a butterfly, a rainbow, a turtle, and a really cool dragon.Not only did other students have fun with the face paint but we did too, we face painted each other or ourselves.  

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After the Multi-Cultural event we all headed to upper campus to distribute the 3-bins and talk with Jason, the Upper Campus Custodian.  When we got up there we found out that Jason had already distributed the bins to all the classrooms, so instead we went around talking to the teachers who were still on campus, telling them that the 3-bin system is now in place at upper campus and letting them know who to contact if they had any questions or concerns.  

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I really enjoyed talking with Jason as he was very supportive and excited about the 3-bin system, which was a good change from all the push back we had gotten in the beginning.  I took away that some people are really supportive on the change we seek and want to help in any way that they can, that they care for the same things that we do and with all of that it makes creating a change much easier and pleasant for everyone.

Written By: Nicole, OT Intern 

Earth Team had our own table at the Multi-Cultural Event. At our table we were face painting people, selling food, water bottles, and introducing students to our internship hoping that some are interested for the next year.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.44.58 PM

Many people came to our table wondering who we were and I felt excited that people were interested in what we do and are curious about the program. It felt good knowing that people have already signed up to get more information.

After all the hard work that we have done during this school year it feels good that people are satisfied with our work and want to continue what we started. After this event we went up to upper campus to talk to the Custodian and put in the bins into the classrooms and around the campus. I was very happy to see that Jason was interested in the 3-bin system and was already on board. What I will take away is that in order for people to continue something you started, you need to show success in order for them to be motivated.

Written By: Maribel, OT Intern 

Thanks for reading! 



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