Interns celebrate the Custodial Staff leadership team!

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On March 16th, interns invited all Custodial night shift staff for a potluck appreciation to celebrate and thank them for all the leadership they have shown with the 3-Bin project. Oakland Tech is not only one of the few high school’s that has an operating 3-Bin system, but is also one of the largest schools to have one. Earth Team acknowledges that the custodial staff has been a core member in the implementation of the system, and is grateful to have a team to work through all the obstacles and challenges of being the first high school of its kind! 


At the potluck event, interns brought supplies, delicious food and drinks. We ate, socialized and presented them a letter and a $50 Target gift card as a way of expressing our gratitude to them. We celebrated the hard work of the custodians because the 3-bin system wouldn’t have been made possible without them.

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The custodians at Tech were the ones who guided us as we implemented the 2 new types of brutes and bins (compost & recycling) by teaching us how to line the bags, etc. They are the ones who collect each garbage bag from classrooms, hallways and outside and transfer them to the dumpster bins.

We’ve had several meetings previously discussing the best methods of educating the student body, how to efficiently run this new sustainable system and other matters. Custodial staff work extremely long hours and so that’s why, this potluck was dedicated to specially them. It was a day to recognize and appreciate their cooperation, commitment and work for the Oakland Tech community.

This is the first year Tech will be having the 3-bin system… which will permanently make it’s stay here. And the custodial staff helped make that happen.

Check Out the Team! 

Thanks for reading! 



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