Interns educate, engage, and empower their peers to use the 3-Bin system!

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On March 16th, Oakland Tech interns did their second round of 3-Bin system presentations presenting to over 15+ classes reaching 350+ students. Presentations included education slides, KAHOOT survey, and the 3-Bin System bingo sorting game. Interns added more to the slides, including pictures of wounded animals and landfills, along with facts about how long certain items take to decompose in hopes that they could grab more attention from the students that “don’t care”. The reactions from the audience indicate that this was a good improvement, and it really seemed to help people understand how everyone, and everything can be effected by our disposal habits.

Here is what Jennifer, OT Intern had to say about the day:

Something Challenging that I’ve noticed when presenting to different classes was having to gain the audience or students attention and getting them to acknowledge the 3 bin system and its importance to the school.

My favorite part of the day was having to present to the classrooms with much confidence because it ended up being pretty fun. Another favorite was the KAHOOT survey we did for each class because it was a small aspect that the audience members got to enjoy the most. Having to interact with other peers about the project was an aspect that made it fun as well because the project is something that everyone has to work for to make O-tech a better school and help the environment while doing so, giving them knowledge in this topic was a good contribution for everyone.

It is still important to continue educating our fellow classmates because it is possible that some might still be confused or just not too serious about the 3 bin system. Education is key to change, if they aren’t educated enough they will continue to be ignorant in the ways of proper sorting, which can end up negatively affecting our environment. Through some more education they will get to be more serious and correctly sort their trash in the near future. Continuing education should be good for future students of O-tech that will arrive for their first semester. Of course they won’t understand at first but will eventually get a hang of properly using the 3-bin system.

I believe that we’ve improved from past presentations by all of the following; understanding our presentation as we present, acknowledging the audience’s preferred methods of learning, and becoming accustomed to presenting to fellow students/classmates.

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