Interns get feedback from the Oakland Tech Community!

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After a couple of weeks with the 3-Bin system installed at Oakland Tech, it was finally time to survey how well students & faculty were using and liking new system. On January 26, we roamed around campus after school and surveyed a total of 88 students as well as conducted interviews with about 20 teachers and students. Though this number may seem small, a lot of feedback and data were collected.

Despite the few students who were not interested in taking the survey, those who did, were quite satisfied with the 3-Bin system. With the 88 responses we received, 47.7% of people were satisfied and 27.3% of people were extremely satisfied, leaving 19.3% somewhat satisfied, and 5.7% dissatisfied.

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In the survey, people were asked questions like, “How well have your classes been using the system”. Within the 76.1% of people who believed their classes were doing well/extremely well, many people stated that the reason they believed this was the case was because their teacher enforced them to do so, or because they were educated. While the 23.9% of people who believed their classes were doing poor/very poor, stated that students don’t seem to be as engaged as others.

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Students also gave feedback by providing ideas and implementations on ways to make the 3-Bin system easier to use.

Some of the feedback we obtained were:

“Please put up a bigger poster, and more lists of what belongs where” – OT Student 

“Better labeling” – OT Student

“Do a in class presentation or have someone standing there showing the students how to throw it in.” – OT Student 

With this new knowledge in our hands, we spent our Thursday after-school meeting on February 2, reflecting and developing next steps to accomplish progress. We first targeted issues that students as well as teachers had. We also brainstormed our ideas towards the recommendations received.

It is extremely important to allow outside views on the 3-Bin system. Not only does it help pinpoint the problems we need to address, but it also tells us what methods we should continue on doing. We look forward to seeing greater improvements in the future!

Written By: Suzanne, OT Intern

THANKS FOR READING! Check out next weeks blog as interns conduct their first Contamination Waste Audit of the new 3-Bin System!



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