Women in Science Day with the Clorox Company!

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On Friday, January 27th our a few of our Oakland Tech interns joined together with Oakland High interns to spend the day with the Clorox Company for their Women In Science event. The day consisted of an all female scientist panel, tour of the laboratory, and a screening of the new hit movie Hidden Figures!

Our team, of all young women, had an amazing time, and are extremely grateful to have had the experience with the Clorox Company. Here is just a bit about what our OT Interns had to say:

*Student Blog*

During our time at the Clorox Company HQ, we had the opportunity to tour the buildings, where we visited test & manufacturing labs and learned about how products like detergent and Kingsford charcoal are processed. One of my favorite parts of the day was listening to admirable women share their testimonies and stories of success. After that, we went to the local movie theater where we watched “Hidden Figures”; a movie mainly focused on three talented black women: a NASA mathematician, engineer, and computers supervisor. These women faced prejudice routinely but because they fought hard to exemplify their true and highest potential, they finally achieved respectable recognition.

This day dedicated to celebrate women in particular brought me closer in bridging the gap between my ambitions and what my heart desires, disregarding discrimination that may hinder me, because I am a woman. The speakers and the film gave me a sense of empowerment by reminding us that firsts are attainable and not unreachable; first female engineer, first female to earn a degree in a certain department, etc. When I see women like this, I tell myself that I can do just as much as a male, even more if I put my mind into it.

Written By: Tiffany, OT Intern

_ _ _ _ _

At the Clorox Company we first got to sit and listen to a panel of five woman answering questions about their careers. The theme of the day was women trailblazers in the field of science. They spoke of the struggles and successes they’ve had in their careers. After this we were split into groups and given a tour of the company. Since Clorox owns the brands fresh step litter, Burts Bee’s and Kingsford Coal we got to tour the labs in which they produce these products. We visited the Kingsford coal lab and got to see the coal making process in action. We were explained how coal is made and what it’s made of. In another lab we saw how Clorox produces there laundry detergent. That room had about twenty or more washing machines. When we finished our tour we were fed a delicious lunch of pizza and salad while we asked the woman on the panel questions. Finally we went to a movie theater near by and watched Hidden Figures.

It was very special feeling to be surrounded by such smart and inspiring woman. I left feeling like my possibilities in life are infinite and I just have to keep trying and believing. I had a great time and I recommend going to see Hidden Figures if you haven’t!

Written by: CoCo, OT Intern 

Thanks for reading! 



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