Interns educate and train their peers on the new 3-Bin system!


On January 12th, interns kicked of the new semester, educating over 245+ Oakland Tech students. It was a very busy day, with interns splitting up into multiple classrooms each period.

Presentations consisted of our PSA Video, Educational Slideshow, 3-Bin Sorting BINGO activity, and a post-survey to get feedback from students. Interns used this time to call attention to the new 3-Bin system and discuss the importance of properly using it. Through our 3-Bin Sorting BINGO activity, students got to test their knowledge on what goes where, and interns were there to help guide them through it all.


All students were asked to rate their knowledge of the 3-Bin system, on a scale of 1-5, before and after the presentation. There was an overwhelming majority of students that showed an increase in knowledge after our interns presented.

Here is what interns had to say!

“We got to plant seeds in students brains, and even if some students don’t fully understand how to sort just yet, we definitely saw students thinking about it” -CoCo

“These presentations were important because a lot of students didn’t know what goes in each bin, but I think thanks to our presentations they have a pretty good idea.” -Lawrence

“Our presentation informed the students of what belongs where, even if they were not able to learn everything, they have a better idea now. It also allowed them to understand that the 3-Bin system is something we are going to do together, and how its not going to be ignored” -Suzanne

Where do we go from here?

“To a place where we can convince teachers and students alike to use the 3-Bin system correctly” -Jazmyn

We had a great time sharing our knowledge with peers and faculty alike! Keep a look out as we continue to work with students, custodians, staff, faculty and more to ensure a 3-Bin system that works for us all.






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