Interns educate staff and faculty how to properly sort into the 3-Bin System!


On December 7th, Interns presented for the second time to 110 Oakland Tech Staff and Faculty. This time interns showed off their PSA (Public Service Announcement) that will be shown in all English Classrooms educated 100% of the student body about how to properly sort into the 3-Bin System, as well as how it is all going to work. In addition, interns went over all the faculty feedback that was received from the previous presentation and played 3-Bin System Bingo to educate the staff themselves on how to properly sort!


Interns made sure to cover all of the feedback from the previous meeting with staff. It wasn’t limited to just questions, they also discussed some of the comments made, and ideas suggested too! Interns hold true to their word as they prepare to be the voice for faculty, staff and peers and make sure all concerns about the 3-Bin system are properly addressed.


To end the presentation, interns handed out 10 Unique Bingo sheets and asked the staff to get into groups. The items on the bingo sheet were randomly placed, and the goal was to know what items could be recycled, composted or had to go to landfill. Interns randomly called out a bin and faculty had to work together to place their pieces (blue, black and green) on a item that would go in the correlating bin. The goal is to get BINGO!

Our team learned that faculty and staff were a lot more competitive than we were expecting. Faculty battled out with a total of 3 groups winning BINGO and their choice of a free shirt or Earth Team water bottle.

Our team is looking forward to the weeks to come as we wrap up the year with a visit to the Altamont Landfill!



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