Interns announce the 3-Bin System roll out!

On December 2nd, interns announced the official roll out date for the 3-Bin system in all Oakland Tech Classrooms. Coming soon Jan 3rd! It started with the Climate Change Assembly, where our brave interns spoke in front of 1600 of the peers sharing what Earth Team is all about, and inviting peers to join them at the First Friday event after school.


At First Friday, 150+ students attended the event, and peers were lining up by the Earth Team table and got the chance to learn all about what our team has been doing throughout the year. Interns led a 3-Bin System sorting toss game that was a huge hit! In order to play the game, all students had to check out OT Interns Semester Yearbook and remember one single fact.. that 91% of trash from the School Waste Audit could have been recycled or composted!


Students were lining up to play our sorting game, each individual had to correctly place 15 plastic balls. Students threw each item into what bin they thought the trash would go into.

Our interns made sure to educate their peers if there was ever a misplaced trash item. For some it was challenging, but we did have students get every item right! The big price was their very own Earth Team T-Shirt, and candy for all else who participated.

We had a great time engaging and educating Oakland Tech students, and are looking forward to our next big event as we prepare to show off our PSA (public service announcement), for the first time, to Oakland Tech Staff and Faculty!



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