3-Bin System distribution at Oakland Tech, all the hard work pays off!


On December 19th, the doors of Oakland Tech were opened for a special visit from our interns, today was the day the 3-Bin system would be distributed in all classrooms and hallways! Our group wasn’t alone, we received a lot of  help and support from our additional team members Nancy Demming, Sustainability Manager for Oakland School District, Jeffrey Vickers, Head Night Custodian for Oakland Tech, as well as Joe Senn, Biology Teacher and ET Point of Contact. In addition, interns were visited by Manuel Alonzo, Earth Team’s very own Executive Director and were commended on how hard they have worked throughout the year to make this project happen, as well as hear about how truly impactful this project is.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 12.16.45 PM.png

It all started with signing the bins, carefully and meticulously sticking on HUNDREDS of recycling, compost and landfill guides. Once this tedious step was finished, interns broke into teams to divide and conquer Oakland Tech’s 100+ classroom campus.

Another team was in charge of the 14 drop off stations scattered around campus. Intern set up the 3 brutes and hung up a beautiful, education banner guide that went over each station.


It took a whole lot of manpower, but with 14 interns (plus a few friends) in no time the 3-bin system was in all classrooms and hallways!

“I like how we put effort into making a change to help the environment and it’s actually being implemented into our school” -Laurence

Laurence said it best, it feels great to make large strides forward with our 3-Bin System service learning project! Keep an eye out for next semester as we begin to assess the progress of our project and collaborate with faculty and peers to ensure a successful 3-Bin system that works for all!




Interns educate staff and faculty how to properly sort into the 3-Bin System!


On December 7th, Interns presented for the second time to 110 Oakland Tech Staff and Faculty. This time interns showed off their PSA (Public Service Announcement) that will be shown in all English Classrooms educated 100% of the student body about how to properly sort into the 3-Bin System, as well as how it is all going to work. In addition, interns went over all the faculty feedback that was received from the previous presentation and played 3-Bin System Bingo to educate the staff themselves on how to properly sort!


Interns made sure to cover all of the feedback from the previous meeting with staff. It wasn’t limited to just questions, they also discussed some of the comments made, and ideas suggested too! Interns hold true to their word as they prepare to be the voice for faculty, staff and peers and make sure all concerns about the 3-Bin system are properly addressed.


To end the presentation, interns handed out 10 Unique Bingo sheets and asked the staff to get into groups. The items on the bingo sheet were randomly placed, and the goal was to know what items could be recycled, composted or had to go to landfill. Interns randomly called out a bin and faculty had to work together to place their pieces (blue, black and green) on a item that would go in the correlating bin. The goal is to get BINGO!

Our team learned that faculty and staff were a lot more competitive than we were expecting. Faculty battled out with a total of 3 groups winning BINGO and their choice of a free shirt or Earth Team water bottle.

Our team is looking forward to the weeks to come as we wrap up the year with a visit to the Altamont Landfill!


Interns announce the 3-Bin System roll out!

On December 2nd, interns announced the official roll out date for the 3-Bin system in all Oakland Tech Classrooms. Coming soon Jan 3rd! It started with the Climate Change Assembly, where our brave interns spoke in front of 1600 of the peers sharing what Earth Team is all about, and inviting peers to join them at the First Friday event after school.


At First Friday, 150+ students attended the event, and peers were lining up by the Earth Team table and got the chance to learn all about what our team has been doing throughout the year. Interns led a 3-Bin System sorting toss game that was a huge hit! In order to play the game, all students had to check out OT Interns Semester Yearbook and remember one single fact.. that 91% of trash from the School Waste Audit could have been recycled or composted!


Students were lining up to play our sorting game, each individual had to correctly place 15 plastic balls. Students threw each item into what bin they thought the trash would go into.

Our interns made sure to educate their peers if there was ever a misplaced trash item. For some it was challenging, but we did have students get every item right! The big price was their very own Earth Team T-Shirt, and candy for all else who participated.

We had a great time engaging and educating Oakland Tech students, and are looking forward to our next big event as we prepare to show off our PSA (public service announcement), for the first time, to Oakland Tech Staff and Faculty!


Interns go Door-To-Door to educating their Community!

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 3.09.50 PM.png

This past weekend, interns braved the cold, rainy weather and partnered up with Oakland Recycles to educate their local community about composting. Oakland’s new waste management initiative starting back in July, where multi-family dwelling homes, known commonly as apartments, were provided a green cart for collecting their food waste and yard trimmings.

With the infrastructure in place, Oakland Recycles has been working hard to spread awareness about the benefits of composting, they are even providing free Compost Bins included informative/how-to brochures and flyers inside!

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 3.12.13 PM.png

So what do the interns have to do with it? 

Well, ET Interns were the voice for this weekends outing, knocking on over 65 doors reaching a total of 18 locations. Interns were trained on how to communicate about the benefits of composting, and how to incentivize the practice to the public. Interns handed out a total of 46 free composting bins, and recorded a total of 48 pledges from community members committing to join their neighbors and friends and compost at home!

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 3.14.06 PM.png

We are very proud of our interns for working hard and letting their passions show even in some gloomy weather. It was great to practice how to communicate about the components of the 3-Bin System as we prepare to start educating Oakland Tech about the 3-Bin system next week!

If you have any questions about your waste system, or would like to know more about the composting program, please visit oaklandrecycles.com

Special thank you to Laura McKaughan and Jessica Robinson, Co-Project Leads with Envirolutions, for making this day possible for our interns!  We look forward to working with you in the future!